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Adopt New Google Analytics Feature to Enjoy hassle-free Business Operation

Google Analytics Dashboard is the best means to review your Google analytics data in the Wordpress dashboard. Besides this, it also allows your users to view the same dashboard information whenever they are logged in. In order to make this process more easy and convenient, Google analytics have made some changes in its access control and user permissions.

Major changes that are done in the newer version are:-

These changes are done to provide wide ranges of functionality to enterprise class customers. The implementation of changing the dashboard functionality is the one among all. The custom dashboard feature allows you to provide a different data presentation for different users. This newer version of Google Analytic presents data more clearly and in context and hence, helps you in making decision easily and quickly.

The segmentation feature allows you to carefully measure the behavior of visitors of different groups.  Having the knowledge of the behavior of different group will allow you to target your website to the known characteristics of a group of users.  This is a wonderful tool that you can utilize to optimize your website design.

Emailing of reports is best for the companies who want to receive data without making log in to get it.  

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