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After Google, Microsoft Bing also Introduced Dynamic Sitelinks

Microsoft has recently launched a new Dynamic Sitelinks feature for Bing Ads. In this feature, it will improve click-through rates and relevance for SMB advertisers. This same feature was unveiled by Google in July. Now, Bing is just following its footsteps. With the launch of this new feature, Bing wants to add easier for the webmasters. The team of Bing Ads has introduced this feature to assist small-to-medium size businesses. These ads are new clickable text additions to enhance and enrich the information supplies through ad copy and headline.

Moreover, they assist the prospective customers for evaluating what your portal is offering before click through. By doing so, it will save the consumer's precious time and will provide you the more target customer opportunities. It will match up the Display URL domain along with deep links information. Likewise, they are pulled from knowledge base of Bing automatically without any extra effort. At the time ad delivery, this enhanced feature will automatically appear. However, the advertisers can also customize their ad through Ad Extension Tab in the UI.

Message: As the advertiser, you can add call to action such as “Sign up today” which is not available in the annotation.

Targeting: Based upon your goals, this site extension will allow geo-tagging.

Data: Besides, you can also direct prospective consumers to the specific pages which you really want to promote.

Likewise, you can also choose Dynamic Sitelinks by contacting support or via your account manager. These Sitelinks can appear on ads on tablets, desktop and mobile. Moreover, there will be no impact upon ad rotation. If you still have any problem, then you can contact best seo firms anytime for assistance!

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