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Bing Unveiled Spam Filtering Mechanism

The Principal Development Manager of the Bing Index Quality, Igor Rondel has recently posted in a Bing Search blog that they have unveiled a spam filter some months earlier which impacted around 3% of all search queries. It was targeted URL keyword stuffing in the domain or URL in an effort in order to enhance the website ranking in the search engine. Moreover, it says that hardly 5 million websites along with 130 million URLs have been impacted that result in the minimize over 75% traffic towards the websites from Bing. For this, it investigated various signals that advice possible use of URL keyword stuffing like the number of words in domain/host names & path, the number of hosts, site size and a lot more.

As per Bing, it is very essential to address this kind of spam just because this widely used technique has great importance for SERP presence and the URLs appear in the result pages for the best matches to queries which provokes users to click on them. However, it doesn't reveal any specific details on its detection algorithms just because spammers may use the knowledge of algorithm to evolve the techniques. The search engine looks at:

In order to detect spam, they mainly look at

In order to increase this, it strives to cluster websites by numerous pivots like owner, domain etc and thereafter it looks signals patterns listed above in the same cluster. It assists to improve detection precision because there are many spammers who often develop hundreds/dozens of similar looking websites.

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