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Demystifying Local Media Trends That You Must Know

The time has come when business should start preparing effective marketing plans for the next year i.e. 2015. In the local marketing, there is a constant change and it has opened up various doors for local businesses for retaining current customer base in new ways and for acquiring new customers. Here are some latest trends that every advertiser should consider while doing preparations for the next year.

1. The dependency upon mobile usage among customers has increased

As per the statistics of Nielsen, comScore and StatCounter, mobile phones have a U.S. Market penetration of 72% and it is assumed that it will likely to grow 90% by 2016. Moreover, in the U.S., around 35% web traffic comes from tablets, mobile phones etc. Unlike any other medium, the rate of mobile usage among some products is higher for e.g. around 59% of Yelp searches, 75% of Pinterest traffic and 81% of Twitter revenue generates from mobile. The data itself highlights the significance of businesses and local advertisers connecting with customers through mobile devices.

2. Many Customers Use Smartphone for Payments

According to PriceWaterhouseCopper, it has been estimated that mobile value added services and spend including m-commerce, mobile analytics, mobile ads, m-coupons, virtual currencies will reach to $250B. Now-a-days, there are so many apps and services used by customers to make payment through their phone like Isis Mobile Wallet, Square, Passbook, Dwolla, Znap, GoWallet etc. As local advertisers and businesses, you should have knowledge about these products and you should include them in an advertising program.

3. Usage of Various Tools To Connect With Offline and Online World

There are numerous innovative tools such as Placed, Datalogix, LiveRamp, Adometry etc. that assist local businesses to tune up digital strategies.

4. Usage of Location Targeting Tools

With innovative location targeting tools and services, businesses and local advertisers can enhance their ads relevancy and as the result ROI. Also, display ads should be customized by using demographic data or other data in diverse locations like age, homeownership or income.

5. Increase of Wearable Devices

In 2014, around $6B wearable devices is changing interactions and business models with consumers. But, as per 2013 IHS whitepaper, it will increase to $30B by 2018. Therefore, advertising on these devices would permit a business to provide customer service and on-the-spot coupons and to gain insight into a customer's preferences and habits.

6. Rise on Social Media Engagement

Every business and local advertiser should ensure whether their social media presence is engaging, consistent as well as promoting services and products or not.

7. Customers Utilize Digital Personal Assistants To Locate Businesses

Google Now, Siri or Cortana are some personal digital assistants that have impacted customer behavior very much. Therefore, businesses should invest in resources to ensure their availability and searchability by all these services.

8. Customers Assume Seamless Communication & Integration in All the Devices

Today, customers are using various smart devices like glasses, phones, watches, cars, textiles etc. to improve their lives. Therefore, it is necessary for every local advertiser to check how many digital devices impact their clients and businesses.

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