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Google Released A Great Long-Form Ad Homeward Bound For Google Maps

How many of you have heard a story about an Indian man Saroo Brierley who has reunited with his mother after 25 years. The boy was separated from his family at the age of five. As a young child, he falls asleep on the train and his brother was not able to wake him up on the destination. Later, when he woke up, the train was empty and there is no clue to go back home. In Australia, a reputed family has adopted him. He didn't know where he grew up and it was just like to search a needle in a haystack.

But thanks to the uncanny technology of Google Earth, it gives a way to find his childhood home and reunite with his family. This entire story has been told by the young man in his book “A Long Way Home”. Moreover, Google has launched this great video of the unlikely reunion named Homeward Bound recently. In the three-minute clip, Brierley recalls that People would say that you are trying to find a needle in a haystack and you will never find it. Yes it was a needle in the haystack, but it was there.

This is a great ad for Google and Google Maps playing to the aspirations of digital products and the internet for connecting people as well as solving real-world problems. This outstanding ad has emotional content yet it is true. A long-form TV ad tells us a compelling story reminding us of the high-minded heart of Google beating still within the machine. However, we can find many worthless online video advertising. But it is really very powerful.

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