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Local Results Updated Once Again By Google Pigeon

It appears that the most popular search engine Google has recently updated the local search results which was pushed out on 24th July originally since the latest Google Pigeon update. It has been notified by many webmasters and business owners in one Webmaster World thread. However, some are considering it as the biggest Google update to local search. According to Google, it will make the searches more closely to mimic traditional rankings. In the earlier reports, it showed the consistent feedback that specific sectors and queries had been impacted such as real estate and that directories were showing the SERPs above local businesses.

Besides, this new local algorithm has deeper into the capabilities of web search such as many ranking signals Google utilizes in web search with great search features like synonyms, spelling correction, knowledge graph and a lot more. Moreover, it will also have better accuracy over location rankings and distance. However, the latest algorithm resolves the problems for many, yet there are many businesses that have been experiencing a loss. If you want to perform well over the web, then you should do the best SEO practices such as

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