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Google Introduces Pirate Update To Penalize Pirate Websites

Major search engine giant Google has recently introduced that there will be a new search update roll out for fighting against the piracy. With the introduction of this new update, it expects that the visibly will affect the websites' rankings as the signals are refined in many ways. Furthermore, they are also expanding this update in order to demote auto-complete predictions which return results with various Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) demoted web portals. In 2012, Google has however a downgrading system, but it lacked effectiveness as per MPAA, RIAA and other copyright industry groups.

Know about New Pirate Update

This new update acts like a filter which is just same as another earlier updates – Panda or Penguin. In this procedure, Google will process all the known websites via the pirate filter and if there is any deem to be in violation, they will receive a lower ranking. On the other hand, if there are no or fewer complaints found, then they will return back in Google's good graces. However, it can't be predicted how it works yet as there is no Pirate Update filter run by the Google.

Introduction of New Ad Formats

Apart from this, there is an announcement of anti-piracy effort - new ad display which promotes the legitimate sources of online content such as music and movies. On searches, the ads will appear including words such as “free”, “download” or “watch” and will point the searchers to the web portals as well as services such as Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and many others wherein can be consumed or bought legally.

At last, there is an update in Auto-complete feature of Google wherein some search terms suggested when a user types anything in the search box. Google will show now less terms in Autocomplete when those search terms produce search results including various websites with DMCA requests filed against them.

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