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Some Ways to Optimize Facebook's News Feed Algorithm To Increase Visibility in Social Media

It has been recently confirmed by a Facebook insider that Facebook EdgeRank has no existence. Facebook is now focusing on detecting superior quality content after Google Hummingbird launch. If marketers want to optimize for Facebook's News Feed Algorithm, they require to consider about social comments as same as they think for Google or other search engines. Simply put, If you want to improve your visibility to the relevant audience through your content, it should be relevant, informational, trustworthy and timely.

In order to achieve maximum visibility and engagement of users, the pages of Facebook have emaciated on image posts more heavily. But you have to rethink before publishing link posts on Facebook with its recent update wherein it has boosted the size of an image on links displayed in the News Feed. Moreover, an individual has an algorithmic preference for some types of posts like links, text updates, images etc. So, you may fail to connect with large fan base if you share post only one type. Apart from this, content, you post on the site, should be timely and relevant. The best rule of optimizing for Facebook is that if the content is not relevant or of user's interest, it may possible that either it will not show in the user's feed due to algorithm or the user will not engage in it. Thus it will not give any value.

Many marketers focus only on increasing their fan base or likes. For this, they beg users for likes/shares. Buy they should start sharing interesting posts to increase their potential consumer base. It is very good that the content, you post on the site, is awesome. But it is equally important how you represent it to your target audience through social media.

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