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Using private blog networks? Means Violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines!!

Google has recently report, websites that are participating private blog networks will go through the serious manual action penalties. Unsubstantiated reports lead to the colossal penalty. Through Google Webmaster tools, manual action notice released out, extensively on September 18th carrying thin content spam or poor quality content. It is considered to be a search spam and Google can take any kind of action.

However, in order to falsely blow up the rankings webmasters practice PBN via link or content spamming. Private Blog Network has been used extensively by end number of the websites but now they are hit by Google and its guidelines. After adversely affected by the manual action numerous webmaster claiming that they will never utilize PBN.

Have a look, what can be actions taken for using private blog networks!!

Apart from that, webmasters those who practice PBN extensively are not believed that their network will completely ends, soon.

Though, this tool also suggest required recommendation on which webmaster has to work on. Required changes should be made and submission of reconsideration request. If you have done all the desired changes as per the guidelines, all the manual action will be repealed.

A precise description of PBN

It is commonly a group of blogs and websites that are managed by a single publisher. With such practice one can build up huge links helping in increasing ranks. It is not meant for public visitors. The core mission of private blog network is to only generate links. PBN operations are subjected towards the search engine optimization functions and requirements.

Few examples of pages having thin content with little or no added value:-

Such kinds of pages completely frown by Google!

Indulgence of Thinkbiz Solutions towards guidelines

Thinkbiz Solutions do not emphasis on such practices that can adversely affect rank and authenticity of a site. However, firm abide all the guidelines and work accordingly. We believe in practicing white hat techniques to have greater outcomes along with gratification.

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