Major Search Engine Google Launches New Search Algorithm "Hummingbird"

Google - The Major Search Engine - has introduced the New Search Algorithm i.e.,“Hummingbird” for coping up the complex and longer queries received from the internet users. This algorithm presently affects 90% searches in all over the world via Google.

Today, searching queries on search engines are more complicated. Keyword based systems or Traditional “Boolean” starts worsening due to the match concepts as well as meanings additionally to words. The New Search Algorithm “Hummingbird” will help the web users to get better results over the web. As it is precise and fast, Google has named it Hummingbird.  There will be no impact on Search Engine Optimization or publishes as Google always give preference to the website that contains original and unique content. This is the only process to get better results on search engine. However, many web portals may lose their traffic and ranking, but it may be because of other factors too or just due to this new algorithm. However, you can again get back your ranking with the help of highly skilled SEO India.

This new algorithm is a great effort by Google in order to provide the exact match as well as the meaning of queries over the web. Earlier, we had to sit down and started up our bulky computer, dial up squawky modem, and type in search engine some keywords. And as the result, we got ten blue links of websites containing those words. Now, the time has totally changed. Presently, billions of people come online. The internet has grown exceptionally.  At the present time, you can ask any query from the little device and get the results simultaneously.


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