Some Faqs on New Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Internet's dominant Search Engine Google has overhauled a new search algorithm called “Hummingbird” to handle more complex and longer queries getting from the users. Let's know what is it all about:

What is New Search Algorithm?
Search Algorithm is a technical term wherein Google the major search engine will use it to sort out the billion of web pages and other content. In other words, it will return the best answers when we search on the web.

Why Google  Named it as Hummingbird?
The company Google said that it is a fast and precise way to get the best results on the web.

Is Page Rank Algorithm Really Dead?
No, not really. The page rank of the website is one of the major ingredients that will go into the recipe of Hummingbird. It will look at Page rank – how quality links to a page are considered to be along with other factors.

When this New Search Algorithm Started?
This New Search Algorithm has started by Google One Month ago. But it has recently announced its change.

What Do You Meant By Hummingbird is Now Being Used Onwards?
Google switched to New Search Algorithm as if an old engine out a car and it has placed there a new one. It has done it in a quick manner. So nobody has really noticed this new change. 

Does a Website Lose its Traffic?
May be! It was because of new search algorithm. But as you are aware of that Google regularly updates their algorithms. So there is no way to know. With the help of reputed SEO Firm India, you can easily increase your website's traffic and ranking.

Does it work Really?
We can't say anything about it. We only know that Google launched the Hummingbird to display good and improved results.

Does Search Engine Optimization Dead?
No, not yet! There is no need to worry to different SEOs or publishers. Google always prefers the original and high quality content to the websites. Hummingbird will enable Google for processing them new as well as better ways. The best SEO services India will help you to increase your website's visibility and ranking in search engines.

How Does it Work?
When we search on Google with any term, it will focus on the meaning of the word. For e.g. If you search with “what is the nearest place to purchase an iPhone near to my home?”On Google, you can easily find out the actual location of the place if you have shared with it. In other words, the new search algorithm will focus more on the each word of the query you have entered. This way, you can get the best results in search engine. 

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