Do you Think Canonical Tags are Treated differently by Google & Bing?

What are Canonical Tags Actually?

In Search Engine Optimization, Canonical tags are very important as they help the search engines like Google and Bing to recognize the original as well as duplicate content of a website. These tags are special and a little piece of codes which are inserted into HTML header along with Meta tags. Usually, a website having duplicate pages make a confusion that which page is the most important for search results. By placing the tags on the top of a webpage, it can be recognized by search engines. Moreover, it is the best solution for cleaning duplicate content as compared to 301 redirect.

Where to use Canonical Tags?

On the website, there may be thousands or hundreds of webpages containing duplicate content without any knowledge of the website owner. For e.g. if you are owning an e-commerce website, then there will be an extensive range of products in terms of color, type or different options. Hence, it produces the similar content on a site. Similarly, a website may generate multiple links which opens the similar page such as or or

How Google and Bing Search Engines Treat Them?

Google and Bing both are the major search engines in the field of Internet. Let's see how they treat canonical tags:-

(a) Google allows the site owners to put canonical tags on every page of the website whilst according to Bing, there is no requirement to put the tags on each and every page.

(b) If a site owner link a canonical tag to the same page which redirect to the same page, Google doesn't care about it. On the other hand, Bing doesn't require it.

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