Google Introduce New AdWords Paid & Organic Report: See Organic And Paid Query Data SideBy-Side

Today, Google has introduced a brand new Paid & organic report in AdWords. This is a part of their campaign to link data between Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Webmaster Tools. This report enable brands to take at-a glance insight into query performance throughout the Google Landscape. In other words, this report will help advertisers in analyzing their search footprints on Google.

Earlier, most of the search report present paid search and organic search performance separately. So, making analysis of how paid and organic search impact one another is quite become a tedious task. This brand new report enables you to know all the query performance like when the ads were shown, when the organic listing displayed and when both organic result and ad were displayed. This report enables you to see both impression and click data side-by-side, which is the simplest way to evaluate how organic and paid performance impacts each other.

In order to take the benefits of this report, you will require two things:- a Google Webmaster Tools account (where you website has been verified on) and AdWord account. You need to link these two accounts together using your Adwords account. The Webmaster tools pulled all the organic data, so advertisers that do not use Google analytics can effectively use this report.

This announcement is profitable for small businesses that do not have any access to premium-quality and clear images. Companies can even use several images in different advertisements and examine as to which images work best. It also allows you to get a comprehensive report to show for specific keywords such as how much organic traffic and paid potential to get.

Apparently, Google Adwords launches different types of algorithms to upgrade the standard of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Such innovation in the SEO and SEM world is bringing contemporary revolution. The upgraded tools and planners enhance the functions and also introduces new challenges to SEM experts or webmasters. However, such upgrades or enhancement always influence the SEM world.

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