Advantages of multimedia

Multimedia means the integration of multiple or different forms of media. It is a combination of text, art, sound, combination and video delivered to you by computer or electronic items. Multimedia technology refers to both the hardware and software used to create and run such systems. This is an exciting new field for those interested in computers, technology, and creative career options. One example of multimedia would be combining a website with video, audio, or text image. Multimedia products may be created and run on the commonly used computer environments. Multimedia system users may employ a variety of input devices in addition to the keyboard and mouse, such as joysticks and trackballs. Touch screens provide both input and display capabilities and are often the choice when potentially large numbers of novices may use the system. Other display devices include high-resolution monitors and computer projectors. Generally the abundance of graphics and video in multimedia applications requires the highest resolution and deepest color capacity possible in display devices. Besides, multiple types of media being integrated with one another multimedia can also stand for interactive types of media such as video games, CDs that teaches us variety of information.

Nowadays, the word multimedia is used quite frequently, from CDs to DVDs and to even a magazine that includes text and pictures. This has become a huge force our culture, industry and education that means, any type of information nowadays we receive can be categorized as multimedia, from television, to magazines, to web pages, to movies. There are different carriers in multimedia technology. Multimedia Technology is found in such as marketing and advertising, and in forms such as websites, newspapers and magazines. Anything that needs to be communicated to an audience can contain digital and print images, text or animation to attract attention and deliver the message. This technology can be used by: Web developers, graphic artists, digital photographers, designers, desktop layout publishers etc. Advertising is one of the biggest industries that use multimedia to send their message to the public.

Education using multimedia has been extremely effective in teaching individuals a wide range of subjects. These degree programs teach students how to use computer programs to create interactive presentations or materials. Students can become familiar with computer software programs, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Cascading Style Sheet and Dreamweaver. Students learn design techniques by using Multimedia Technologies to develop their own creative style and make their own works of art. Degree programs enable students to gain the necessary skills to design and develop interactive computer materials for the public, business industries or creative self-expression. Multimedia Technology courses include: Multimedia authoring, Multimedia graphics, Multimedia algorithms, Web Multimedia integration. As technology progresses, multimedia will also progress. Today, there are plenty of new media technologies being used to create the complete multimedia experience.

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