In terms of search engine marketing, this is the act of getting a search engine to record content for a URL that is different than what a searcher will ultimately see. It can be done in many technical ways.

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cloaking (a black hat optimization technique)

There are two techniques to increase the searchability of a web page, White Hat and Black Hat. White Hat is the fair means where as Black Hat is the unfair one.

White Hat techniques:

Black Hat techniques:

Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique in which unfair means are used to increase the page ranking of a web site. Using Black Hat Techniques one may be benefited in relatively less time but the harm caused may cost a lot. If caught by the search engine spider the site may be penalized. The term 'Black Hat' is inspired from the western movies in which all the good or social guys wore White Hat where as the bad or the villain wore a Black Hat.

There are various methods of using Black Hat, among which Cloaking is one of them.

In Cloaking separate pointing is done to the search engine and the web site visitors. This can be understood like having two faces of a single thing. The face that is presented to search engine spiders is different from that presented to the visitors

Following are the methods of Cloaking:

Disadvantages of Cloaking:

Search Engines may follow following methods to detect Cloaking:

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