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    Free For All pages; basically a link farm. You can add your site link to the page and it then gets pushed down as other links are added until your link is ultimately pushed off the page. Not a standard method of promotion or link building.

    See Also:

    SEO, Page Rank, Deep Linking, Linkage


    Full form of FFA is Free For All sites. Since, 1995 they are into existence. These pages are meant to list links. We can post “ad” on these pages for free.

    The ad takes the form of a descriptive link and a one to two line description. These listings are around 50 in length and constantly rotating. Once a link submitted can last anywhere from a few minutes to around a week, depending on how many people are submitting to that particular page. FFA is helpful in no cost website promotion and proves to be a perfect mechanism for free web promotions. A FFA link page can contain several categories to post your link to or it and can be topic specific. To build traffic, web site owners can choose FFA Link pages. These are also helpful in gathering email addresses. It is best to post to a FFA that doesn’t require your email address thus minimizing the fear of spam.

    FFA pages allows anyone to submit a link free of cost and without having to link back to the page.

    Benefits of FFA page is controversial, as some claims that FFA pages do not produce enough traffic compared to the time spent on submitting and it is better to invest your resources on search engine optimization or other promotion methods, instead. However, on the other hand, many people believe that a free link is always better than nothing and a good auto submitter can get you pretty good results in a minimal amount of time.

    Tips to make sure you receive maximum benefit from your listing:

    • Make sure your Link Title is CRITICAL
    • Make sure that your URL is CORRECT
    • Select the right CATEGORY for your web site
    • Make sure to submit Your Link Once per day
    Few Drawbacks of FFA:
    • They are almost useless as a source of traffic, as very few people searching for a topic on the web will use a FFA page. Alternatively, they will prefer a search engine or directory.
    • To add your link, many FFA pages require you to register with your email address. Thus, your email address that you registered can be used to send you load of Spam’s.
    • Using FFAs can lead to your site being banned from Google’s search engine index this is because many FFA pages require a reciprocal link from your site before allowing you to place your link.

    Less web marketer spends time with this method of marketing because the results are far from positive and are in fact very negative, meaning you’re worse after using them, than you were before using them.







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