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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective technique or method for promoting web pages visibility in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and a lot more. In this procedure, there are many techniques including Keyword Research and Optimization, Meta Tags Analysis and HTML Coding. The increase in web page visibility and vice-versa can boost up business productivity or sales. The functions are dedicated to the websites in order to acquire top and higher ranking in the major search engines or SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). The SEO professionals promote backlink and inbound links in order to increase link building.

    Techniques of Search Engine Optimization Promotion
    • Meta tag Analysis-We effectively analyze or optimize Meta tags for your website. Our SEO professionals include only relevant and best Meta tags, title tags and keywords.
    • Content Management System- Content is the key element of every website. The system is indulged with various functions like publishing, modification and editing.
    • Article, Press Release and Blog Submission- To enhance the backlinks our team of experts submits article, press releases and blog to various article directories. It is the robust solution too. This technique also assists to increase your web page ranking.
    • Link Building- We develop best techniques according to the Google’s Algorithm. These methods include directories, link farms, social bookmarks, forums and blogs.
    The Google Panda and Penguin Updates

    Google Panda Update-This update is crafted to reduce the rankings of low quality websites that have duplicate, unnatural and value added text for users. Apparently, the rankings will increase with high quality web page.

    Google Penguin Update-This algorithm focuses on web spam. The sites violating the current guidelines represent the black hat SEO techniques and will face different disadvantages. Keyword stuffing, cloaking or duplicate content comes under the black hat techniques which should be totally eliminated or degraded by any company.

    Some functions of Google Panda and Penguin Updates are:

    • Avoid keyword density
    • Reduce copy or duplicate content.
    • Website optimization and audit effectively
    • Removes unnatural links
    • Solutions for unnatural links
    • Avoid “redirect” script for linking to your site
    • Avoid hidden text or eliminate cloaking
    • Don’t provide links from pornographic and other sites containing offensive content

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