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    Targeting your niche in the market can be tricky. Therefore, Local SEO or GEO targeting service can help you to get desirable results in term of getting traffic, customer conversion and sale improvement as a whole. Moreover, it not only help a website to get higher rankings but also elevate the website’s rankings when someone is looking for a product or service in a particular city or region. Catering the need of every local business, it will improve your local presence and will also help you to generate your business leads.

    Every business owner desire to be amongst the top in SERP, therefore it is necessary to hire Local search engine optimization in order to extend your local reaches

    Do you have a business that requires local SEO search traffic? If yes then Local search engine optimization of Thinkbiz Solutions will synchronize your site with the Google places, allowing you to achieve great online results. Local search engines work well with a good strategy

    Therefore, we at Thinkbiz offers following Services:

    • Allow your website to communicate in a local geographical area.
    • Provide an accurate keyword search that will reflect your niche.
    • Prefer local domains like,,, ..
    • Provide separate content for each site, avoiding Google duplication and no follow situation.
    • Will link your website to another, allowing you to target the audience in the same geographical area.
    • Will submit your site in local directory which will help you to come in local search engines like,
    • Will list information regarding your address and contact no. on the website.

    Our services also involve various other techniques including keyword research, competitor’s analysis, map optimization, classified ad promotion, local review posting, article submission and more. Our main purpose is to analyze your website and do extensive research on your local keywords in order to provide perfect listing of your website in search engines. Localized SEO elements should be practiced at all stages, therefore we at Thinkbiz believe in “Glocal SEO”. Keeping the global standard in mind, we not only attract local traffic but also provide an open gateway to target audience worldwide.

    In a nutshell, we are dedicated to make your website, search engine friendly. Helping any kind of business, either small or big, we believe in practicing marketing techniques with local bend. Have benefit from our credible, reliable and affordable online marketing services






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