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    Google Bot


    A Googlebot is a search bot used by Google. It collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google search engine.

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    Googlebot is a robot that uses Google to “crawl” Web sites. Not only indexes web pages (HTML), but also extracts information from PDF files, PS, XLS, DOC, and some others. It is a robot used by Google search. It collects documents from the web to build a database for the search engine Google.

    If a webmaster does not want your page to be downloaded by Googlebot, he can insert a text called robots.txt, which can cause Googlebot (and other bots) to investigate one or more pages or entire web site. Googlebot has two story, deepbot and freshbot. Deepbot investigations, try to follow any link on that page, also put this page in the cache and let it available to Google. Visit sites that change frequently. Ideally, the freshbot visit the page of a newspaper every day, every week, or every 15 dayswhile that of a magazine.

    Googlebot discover links to other pages and is directed towards them as well, so you can easily cover the entire Web. The frequency with which Googlebot access a website depends on the Page Rank of it. Against higher this value, the robot accesses their pages more frequently. For example, we can see that the sites with PR10 (the highest), as have been ‘tracked’ by Googlebot, or even yesterday or today, while others have been accessed for several weeks. This can be seen entering the ‘cache’ of this page.

    To see, if Googlebot has accessed our website, we look at the logs from our server. We should observe if there are records of visits to appear on ‘googlebot’. Usually the name of the server, which may be one of these:

    Googlebot tries to access, as do most of the robots of search engines, the file ‘robots.txt’. Once Googlebot has’ crawled ‘our site follow the links that it finds (the HREF and SRC). Therefore, if you want Googlebot to index your site, just need another site that has a link to yours. If not, you can directly add your URL.

    Googlebot robot is also called FreshBot ‘crawls’ the most frequently with the news websites’ fresh’. It is the search bot software used by Google. The main purpose of Google bot is to collect documents from the web to construct a search-able index for the Google search engine.

    At this time Googlebot only follows “href” links and “SRC” links. Googlebot determines pages by producing all of the links on each page it finds. It then goes after these links to other web pages. New web pages have got to be linked from additional known pages on the web in order to be crawled and indexed.

    A difficulty which webmasters have often faced with Googlebot is that it catches up vast amount of bandwidth. This can ground websites to surpass their bandwidth boundary and be taken down temporarily. This is particularly worrying for mirror sites which host lots of gigabytes of data. Google make available “Webmaster Tools” that allow website owners to throttle the crawl rate.






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