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    Keyword Research


    This is done to identify keyword popularity for relevant keywords for the purpose of identifying the best keywords to target for high and better search engine rankings.

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    Keyword Research

    Keyword research is an application used by search engine optimization professionals to find out the actual searched words that people enter into the search engines when conducting a search.

    Keyword research is actually an important aspect of any search engine optimization campaign. If the site is targeting the wrong keywords, then the search engines and the customers may never find you on the SERP. This results in loosing dollars and meaningless rankings. If the site is targeted by wrong keywords, you not only put precious advertising dollars at risk, but also throwing away all the time and energy in getting your site to rank for those terms to begin with. To rank first in the search result the keywords should be relevant and website theme based. The first pace in this process is to generate a list of potential keywords. Suggest all the words you imagine a customer would write into their search box when trying to find you. This comprises thinking of phrases that are extensive and targeted. The selected keywords should be according to what the site is hoping to do or promote. This is done by coming up with enough words to cover all the services the site offers. Avoid extremely common terms. These words are very difficult to rank for and won’t force qualified traffic to the site. One has to focus on words that are relevant, but not excessively used.

    To get brighter ideas ask colleagues, friends, or past customers for help. Sometimes, they are able to observe the site differently than the way you yourself see it. Also, don’t be scared to take a glance at the competitor’s Meta Keyword tag. What type of words are they targeting? How you can expand on their keyword list to make yours better? It’s okay to get a little sneaky here. All’s fair in love and search engine rankings.

    Keyword Research helps in increasing AdSense Revenue. Quite a lot of webmaster and blogger knows that considerable Google AdSense revenue is very important to the life and productivity of blogs and websites. The largest problems faced is less traffic which results in lack of clicks on Google AdSense banners which is followed by low AdSense income.

    Sources of conventional paid and free keyword research data

    • Yahoo Panama Keyword Tool
    • Google Keyword Tool, traffic estimator, Webmaster Tools; Google Suggest and Google Trends
    • MSN Keyword Forecast
    • Hitwise
    • WordTracker
    • Keyword Discovery
    • WordStream

    Keyword research apparatus like Keyword Discovery, Wordze and Wordtracker guess the number of times people search for different phrases.

    As the estimations from keyword research tools are hardly accurate so one shouldn’t expect to receive all the estimated visitors per month. It could be considerably less or more. But keyword research is concerning more than traffic. It’s regarding understanding the niche market from the inside out.






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