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    Web Portal


    A Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as e-mail, forums, search engines, and on-line shopping malls.

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    SEO, Page Rank, Deep Linking, Linkage

    Website Portal

    Website portal is a wholesome package of information that gives information to the user in the most unified way. Website portal must be simple that users can understand, as this helps in attracting more visitors.

    Website Portal

    Website portal is also referred as the web portal offering information from various sources in a much integrated way. It is not only the search engine feature that the web portal offers rather it takes care of certain other services a well  like news, mails, entertainment, stock prices and information. Some of the famous web portals are Google, MSN,Yahoo and AOL. Horizontal and vertical are two categorizations of portals. One can also divide web portals into personal, regional, Government, corporate, hosted, sports and domain-specific web portals as well. The most advantageous thing about portal websites is that a lot of information is available at a single place. Users also feel it easy to access such kind of portals if they are created in a simple way.

    Messy website portal is not accepted

    We know that the web is flooded with large number of website portals and there is no dearth of websites, so to attract visitors on a particular portal it must be simple. Confusing and messy website portal is not accepted by users and they prefer visiting other portals. Therefore, one must avoid complicated and messy website portals. Those who find it difficult to develop user friendly website layouts can purchase the portal web design.

    Be cautious before buying website portal themes

    If you are willing to buy a website portal theme, then you have to keep some factors in mind while purchasing:-

    Color contrast: Go for colors that are appealing and attract the visitors to your portal. Go for a color combination or contrast with your company logo.

    Style: Never select the style of the portal from your personal perspective rather select it from the perspective of the users.
    Layout: Layout that is easy to understand and is free from any kinds of complications must be approached.

    There are several organizations that offer website portal designs, themes and options. Go through Thinkbiz Solutions and find answers to your queries regarding website portals.






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