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    ROI (Return on Investment)


    It is known as an actual or perceived future value of an expense or investment. Ad campaign ROI is a metric that attempts to determine what the advertiser receives in return for the cost of the advertising, usually in terms of new sales.
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    ROI is the performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

    Nowadays, eCommerce has become the buzzword in business and social gatherings. Many companies and individuals are jumping into the Internet and primarily eCommerce with the intent to create profits.

    In some cases, being online with a working web store guaranteed upright sales numbers. However, with ongoing time and maturing market competition has also increased. Thus, one way in which retailers are looking to gain this necessary competitive advantage is by changing their clients’ shopping experiences. So, retailers have tried in differentiating themselves online, both in terms of technology and client acceptance, which is unfortunately dropping. Thus, many retailers today have collected the data and have hired the business intelligence to understand their clients’ behaviors. This has helped them to generate new ideas about how to differentiate their brands and reflect the nuances of the retail experience electronically, as they have with their traditional stores.

    To get better ROI, retailers are looking forward towards Rich Internet Applications. These applications combine many of the features and functionality of desktop applications delivered over the web. Rich Internet Applications can improve the overall client experience and provide the continuity that’s lacking in many of today’s eCommerce sites.

    Today’s integrated solutions can offer more return for less investment in a secure and flexible implementation.

    Maximizing ROI with Measurable Results


    The outcome of search engine optimization is extremely measurable. Unlike many other advertising mediums, one can evaluate the effectiveness of each part of the campaign. Web analyst can measure key information including the source of your website visitors by keyword and search engine and whether they came from pay-per-click or natural search results, the conversion rate of your visitors, the average value per visitor, the lifetime visitor value and the overall return on investment.

    With a comprehensive Web analytical strategy, a website’s log file data is thoroughly reviewed so that the business people may learn where visitors are coming from as well as analyze their behavior once they arrive and navigate through your website. Understanding website visitor behavior and focusing on the right business metrics are central to improve your ROI.

    A visitor to a particular website has already made four to five distinct choices before arriving. They have chosen to go online and utilize a search engine to find relevant information. They have selected a specific search property to accomplish their search. They have selected a keyword or phrase to search. They have selected this particular website from a list of competing websites within the search results. In short, they are deliberately coming to you for the information. That is you are not forcing your message on people who don’t want to hear it. But in turn you are ensuring that your website is positioned in the path of visitors who want to engage with you and resulting into a higher conversion rate, lower cost and a higher ROI.






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