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    A web search engine examines websites on the internet in order to provide a catalog of information contained on those websites. Although there are many search engines, Google is arguably the most successful.

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    SEO, Page Rank, Deep Linking, Linkage

    Search engine, nowadays has become the best gateway to achieve the best information out of huge database available online. Search engines also have become an easy way to earn quick money online through various marketing techniques like Google adsense and other advertising activities like banner advertising, affiliate marketing etc.

    All the big portals like & are involved in E-sales activity, depending on search engine ranking with targeted keywords and for getting huge traffic to sell their products online

    Currently there are three major Search engines Google, yahoo and MSN which independently shows the search results and have their own database of indexed websites, among these three search engine Google is the biggest, where 80% user comes and get the most satisfied information. Every Search engine shows two types of results one is natural results (organic results) and other is sponsored results (paid results).

    There are many other search engines also available online but they show search results by the help of Google, yahoo and MSN.

    Others major search engines are: –

    • Ask
    • AOL Search
    • Alta vista
    • Alltheweb
    • Lycos
    • NetScape Search
    • Iwon

    As far as AOL and NetScape are concerned, they are totally dependent on Google for their organic as well as paid search results, whereas Ask and iwon takes help from Google to show only their paid search results. Alltheweb, Lycos and Alta vista takes help from Yahoo to show their primary and paid both type of search results.

    As millions of people worldwide use search engines on a daily basis to fulfill their needs, every webmaster optimizes their website according to search engine guidelines for getting top rankings in search engines, this process of optimization is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Few Webmasters follows non ethical or black hat techniques to get top results for making money online, but this is not the best practice to get top search engine rankings because as soon as search engines identifies these wrong methods of optimization, they either blacklist the site or remove them from their indexing list.

    Sponsored listing is another way to be amongst the top in search engine ranking but it is a very expensive practice as webmaster has to pay for every single click to search engine, this process of advertising is known as Pay per click (PPC). Google adwords is PPC program of Google where webmasters can create their own ads and choose keywords. In the same way Yahoo and MSN also have a PPC program known as Yahoo search marketing and MSN ad center respectively, but Google adwords are the major player amongst all the PPC service providers.






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