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    Get the Ultimate Experience of Internet with Web 2.0

    Our next generation Internet services are totally dominated by web2.0 applications. The past hurdles of having more sophisticated websites are no more in the way. A web master offers an innovative creativity with web2.0 applications.

    If a modern individual closes his/her eyes and deliberately thinks of the most revolutionized inventions of the 20th and 21st centuries that have changed modern lives drastically is the Internet. It is very true that with the advancement of Internet medium several new dimensions have added in communication, shopping, banking and finance, social networking and informational domains. Now in this contemporary era, a huge number of people use this medium for accomplishing their different kinds of daily chores. The depth of penetration of this amazing invention of technology is increasing day-by-day. For the purpose of smoothening the process of Web accessing or innovations are still going on. One of the great developments in this domain is Web 2.0.

    The year 2004 will be kept safely in the history of the Internet and Web technology. The conference held in this year between O’Reilly and Media Live International was the turning point for the web. Both of them emphasize on the importance of the web in the modern lives with exciting new applications popping up in regular basis and also noted the importance of much advanced technology in this domain.

    The term ‘Web 2.0’ is often misused by people. Many people think that it is a particular type of graphics design or animation, but that is not Web 2.0 actually. If in a single line it has to be described, then it can be said that it is all about user-generated content. Among all the latest 2.0 websites, one of the oldest types is the forums. The applications of such technology in these websites are as old as the Internet itself. Apart from these, other types of websites which were adopted the concept of Web 2.0 include guestbooks, free-for-all link sites and classified advertisement sites.

    The modern creations of Web 2.0 websites involve much more complexity than the previous sites. In the forums, instead of simply posting the messages, the users can now easily customize their own pages, generate their own profiles and enjoy much more involvement in the actual creation of the website. This technology has opened several new ways for the business persons to promote their products and services.

    For its innovative features like interactive blogs and informational services, web promotion techniques are now no longer limited to the banner ads and classified ads. One can feature one’s products on blogs or promote them to a large audience through podcasting. To get the utmost outcome from the Web 2.0 marketplace, four concepts have to keep in mind; these are known as four Ps, named personalization, participation, predictive modeling and peer-to-peer.






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