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    In terms of search engine marketing, this is the act of getting a search engine to record content for a URL that is different than what a searcher will ultimately see. It can be done in many technical ways.

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    Who is

    WhoIs is a kind of Internet query based protocol. This helps to locate the lawful owner of a given web address. If you are visiting any website, it is actually hosted on a web server, but it is owned by a physical person. The whois database records who is that person is and how to contact him and other relevant information about that website. The data of WhoIs is available for anyone surfing the Internet, although domain proprietor can opt to privatize their data to keep their identities.

    WhoIs fundamentally performs as Yellow Pages for website data. There are one web-based WhoIs tools, like The principle of the WhoIs data system is to accumulate information on websites. It helps to hold up the stability, security and safety of the Internet by providing contact information accessible to the public. It helps people to figure out what domain names are available for their purchase, use or transfer. It can also be used by law enforcement organizations to track community down and examine illegal behavior on the World Wide Web.

    Whois Provide Following Information

    What is domain name?  Who is website owner His Contact information When the domain Expires.
    It may also hold information like where the domain is hosted, when hosting expires and when the domain was registered. It may also notify us whether the domain is qualified for purchase, transfer or if it is blocked from any kind of service.
    WHOIS was established in the early 1980s to hunt for domains, people and other resources related to domain and number registrations. As all registration was done by one association in that time one fundamental server was used for WHOIS queries. This made searching information very easy.
    Domain names function as the foundation of any website. A domain name is used as a contact tip for users who want to visit a website or want to send emails to a particular domain. Domain names give users with this solution so; allow them to access a website and all its related services.

    Types of contact which are available on Whois database

    Registrant contact – This is the contact details for the owner of the domain Administration contact – This means someone else is managing the domain. Technical contact – the technical contact is usually the person who overlooks the management of domains DNS records.

    In conclusion, whois information is the information provided by domain owners to make certain that, they can be getting in touched with about their domain names. Security is available, if you wish for your information to keep secret, but in the large part a majority of users choose to keep their information public so that, if the situation arises they are able to prove that they are the legal owner of the domain name concerned.







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