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    Cold Fusion


    Cold Fusion is an application from Macromedia that creates HTML pages from a database. Once a template is defined, Cold Fusion fills that template with content. Catalogs, for example, are easy to build and maintain in Cold Fusion

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    Cold Fusion

    Cold fusion is an application developed by Macromedia that permits web designers to create dynamic web pages. Pages created by using Cold Fusion have the file extension CFM. Cold fusion is a scripting language that permits web designers to do advanced website development and interface with databases.

    It is not a language of databases, but interacts with a simple database (Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server or Access). Using standard SQL, web pages and applications can easily retrieve, store, format and present information dynamically.
    Many of the powerful features of Cold Fusion are based on tags. Cold Fusion also has tags for COM, Java Corbay Appletsy Servletsde. Cold Fusion was designed to develop complex sites and high traffic. Cold Fusion is designed to run on multi-processor machines and can build sites that can run clustered servers. It is a language that runs on the server. Cold Fusion runs on the web server unlike Java applets and JavaScript that runs on the client. This means that scripts written in Cold Fusion will be the same on any browser. Cold fusion has problems of instability and is able to withstand low. This problem can only be solved by putting a large number of web servers balancing each other.

    Important Features and Function of Cold Fusion

    Cold Fusion focuses on the potential reliability and control of data management. It recognizes the complexity of the operation and interaction of CGI written and offers a rapid processing of written CGI that enables the accomplishment of tasks of data entry or return.

    Among the functions of Cold Fusion are
    • It allows you to request any data once with the installation and configuration of ODBC data sources for 32-bits.
    • It detects errors caused by misconfiguration or by the complete record of the SQL Server log.
    • Works well in a remote machine. It runs seamlessly in the Microsoft Internet Information Server, even with large number of applications. As a result provides a smooth operation in both Internet and Intranets.
    • It provides support for configuration that can generate HTML pages dynamically.

    Create dynamic conditional structures to customize the data request and sending them to the client. Also, designs for data channels dynamically create menus and pick lists to fill, and lists of documents.

    To create Cold Fusion applications, it requires prior knowledge of SQL code generation for the selection of the correct information stored in a database. With SQL you have complete control over what, where and why the data display within a website.






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